Teacher well-being is paramount. If students are to succeed, teachers need to be inspiring them. Teachers inspire when they themselves are flourishing. The logic is crystal clear.

To explore the importance of teacher well-being, see Dr. Katherine Weare's book, ‘Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide to Cultivating Mindfulness in Education’.

Mind with Heart offers Connected Teachers, a programme for teachers to take up tools for their own well-being and emotional health.

Mind with Heart's recent project for teacher well-being in 40 schools in Australia testifies to the importance of teacher well-being. Research on this project published June 2018 by the Australian Catholic University.

Mind with Heart is addressing the issue of Well-being and Emotional Health: Teachers Leading by Example at the 2018 Festival of Education, Wellington College 21-22 June.


CONNECTED for students consists of two modules, each with 9 sessions: Connected-with-Myself and Connected-with-Others.