For an education in mindfulness and compassion


Mind with Heart is an international charity dedicated to developing mindfulness and compassion in education.


We equip young people and their teachers with the skills needed to develop well-being, emotional intelligence, character, healthy relationships and a more sustainable society.


Based in the UK, we are now also working in Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.


Mind with Heart offers:

- a complete social and emotional learning curriculum

- tools for developing attention, resilience, empathy and awareness

- a whole-school approach to cultivating mindfulness and compassion

- trainings and events for teachers and education professionals

- packs and videos to support youth events on the role of compassion in society


The Mind with Heart curricula and trainings offer research-based tools, designed and delivered by trainers with over ten years of experience in practising these tools and presenting them in an educational context.


We offer one-off taster sessions, teacher-training workshops and 10-week courses for students in mindfulness and compassion.


Young people and their teachers find that our programmes enhance their attention and ability to focus, dissolve stress and anxiety, help them to manage thoughts and emotions, and connect more with themselves and others. There are many benefits to training in mindfulness and compassion.