Our Team

Our Team

  • David Rycroft


    David is Mind with Heart's main teacher-trainer in the London area. He addresses conferences internationally advocating the cultivation of 'inner values' in education.

    Fiona Clarke

    Chair of the Trustees

    Fiona is an educator and trainer with twelve years' experience teaching mindfulness and compassion in primary schools in Australia.

    Ceri Seel

    Teacher Trainer

    Ceri is a secondary school teacher of 11 years experience and a graduate of Exeter University’s Mindfulness Based Approaches PG Dip, where he specialised in mindfulness in education.

    Lyndi Smith


    Lyndi has been practising mindfulness for eight years and working with children for over twenty.

  • Sophie Tessier


    Sophie trains educators in France. She specialises in research.

    Pascale Tanant

    Educator and Teacher Trainer

    Pascale is a primary school teacher in Nice with many years' experience as a mindfulness instructor. 


    Jasmine Osiris

    UK Coordinator

    Jasmine attends to the needs of those participanting in Mind with Heart's trainings.

    Annie Harvey


    Annie is a primary school teacher in Adelaide and passionate about training teachers and students in the lifeskills of mindfulness. 

  • Kevin Jones


    Kevin advocates a whole-school approach to emotional health and is interested in how well-being can be measured in an education context.

    Norma Corcoran


    Norma is a primary school teacher in Ireland.

    Steve Cope


    Steve specialises in developing innovative ways of allowing youth to experience mindfulness and compassion, and see their worth.


    Alison Hutchens

    Educator and Facilitator

    Alison is an experienced facilitator who is passionate about sharing the beautiful gift of mindfulness with teachers and students.

  • Lydia Vorona


    Lydia is an experienced mindfulness teacher who also coordinates Mind With heart activity in Sydney, Australia.

    Lulu Cook


    Lulu is a Mind With facilitator in Brisbane, Australia.